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Can Ingrown Toenails Be Dangerous?


Ingrown toenails happen when the side of your toenails grows into your foot’s flesh. While this may sound like a small issue, avoiding these ingrown toenails is an essential part of proper foot care.

Here at Milwaukee Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic, providing diabetic foot care in Wisconsin has allowed us to care for the foot health of countless clients. We understand that ingrown toenails can lead to a range of complications that can hurt your overall foot health. Can ingrown toenails become dangerous?

  • Pain and Discomfort

    For one, ingrown toenails can lead to intrusive discomfort. In my case, this minor discomfort can evolve into excruciating pain that will affect your ambulation and mobility. This pain can lead to stress that negatively affects your quality of life. You can talk to our foot doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin if you feel this intrusive pain caused by ingrown toenails.

  • Heightened Risk of Infections

    Ingrown toenails, when left unaddressed, can increase your risk of toenail infections. This infection can even spread to your toe’s bone. Toenail infections also lead to cellulitis and abscesses. By performing foot surgery in Wisconsin, we can help you minimize this risk of infections.

  • Foot Ulcers and Open Sores

    Since ingrown toenails can lead to infections, they can also heighten your risk of open sores and foot ulcers. This can lead to more infections and may even lead to foot amputation. Proper wound care, paired with the correct procedures, can help you avoid these complications.

If you need help maintaining strong foot health, our services are for you. Feel free to call us for your inquiries.


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