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Common Habits that Hurt Your Foot Health


Your foot health is central to your overall mobility and ambulation. If you want to live a mobility and productive life, you should take every step to take care of your feet.

Here at Milwaukee Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic, providing diabetic foot care in Wisconsin has allowed us to preserve and improve the foot health of countless of our clients. We also understand that there are common habits that can hurt your overall foot health. Let us dive deeper into the habits that can lead to poor foot health.

  • Excessive Use

    Your feet are not immune to overuse. They are primary components of proper mobility, making them an important part of our productivity and daily life. When you do not take time to rest your feet, you may experience ankle pain, injuries, and other complications.

  • Wrong Shoe Size

    Providing foot surgery in Wisconsin has allowed us to witness the many complications caused by wearing shoes with the wrong fit. Wearing shoes that are too large can lead to blisters, corns, and calluses. Shoes that are too small, on the other hand, can lead to foot pain, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, and even bunions.

  • Poor Foot Hygiene

    Your foot hygiene plays a major role in keeping your feet healthy. Foot hygiene primarily consists of cleaning and trimming your toenails, washing your feet regularly, and wearing clean socks. Ignoring your foot hygiene can heighten your risks of various fungal infections and ingrown toenails. You can talk to our foot doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to help you maintain strong foot health.

If you need comprehensive foot care solutions, our experts are here for you. Call us today to learn more.


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