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When Do You Need to Get Foot Surgery


Foot surgery is often viewed as a last resort when other treatment options have failed to bring relief or when mobility becomes increasingly compromised. This blog will explore several scenarios where foot surgery in Wisconsin may be the most effective route to restoring foot health and function, keeping you on your feet, and moving through life with ease.

The best way to know if you need foot surgery is to consult a qualified foot doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They will conduct a thorough examination, review your medical history, and discuss your symptoms to determine if surgery is necessary.

Their expertise in podiatry and extensive knowledge of foot anatomy, conditions, diseases, and injuries will help them assess the severity of your condition. This will help determine if surgery is the best option for you.

If not, they may recommend alternative treatments, such as non-surgical strategies, to improve foot health. Such treatments may include physical therapy, custom orthotics, or changes in footwear.

If your foot issues are caused by certain medical conditions, choose a doctor specializing in such cases. A doctor specializing in diabetic foot care in Wisconsin, for example, will be better equipped to handle foot issues associated with diabetes.

Lastly, the major scenarios where foot surgery may be necessary include chronic foot pain that persists despite non-surgical interventions, severe deformities or structural abnormalities, and traumatic injuries. If you have these symptoms or are experiencing difficulty walking, standing, or engaging in physical activities due to foot pain, it’s time to consider foot surgery.

The foot professionals at Milwaukee Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic have successfully treated many foot conditions and injuries through various non-surgical and surgical interventions. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and get back on your feet with ease. We are dedicated to providing personalized care and helping our patients achieve optimal foot health for a better quality of life.


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