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Ingrown Toenails: Causes, Risks, and Solutions


Stubbed your toe? Sometimes, the after-effects can be more than just a bruise. Ingrown toenails, where the corner of your nail digs into the surrounding skin, can be painful and bothersome. At Milwaukee Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic, your trusted foot doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has the solutions to get you back on your feet, pain-free.

So, what causes ingrown toenails? Often, it’s simply improper nail trimming. Cutting your nails too short, or rounding the edges, can encourage the nail to grow inwards. Tight shoes that crowd your toes can also be a culprit. If you have diabetes, be extra vigilant about your foot care, as even minor ingrown toenails can become serious complications. Our clinic offers specialized diabetic foot care in Wisconsin to help manage these risks.

While ingrown toenails may seem like a minor nuisance, leaving them untreated can lead to infection, swelling, and even difficulty walking. In severe cases, foot surgery in Wisconsin might be necessary. Yikes!

The good news? Podiatry, the medical field focused on foot and ankle health, offers effective solutions for ingrown toenails. At Milwaukee Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic, our experienced podiatrists can diagnose the cause of your ingrown toenail and recommend the best treatment plan. This may involve trimming the nail properly, applying medication, or even a minor in-office procedure.

Don’t suffer in silence with an ingrown toenail! Take control of your foot health and contact us today.  We offer advanced treatment options and diabetic foot care to keep you on your feet!

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